The 10 Most Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi Series on Netflix

10. Travelers

Travelers is a highly enjoyable science fiction drama with some great performances.

9. The 100

100 space station residents sent to Earth 100 years post-nuclear apocalypse to assess habitability in this sci-fi drama.

8. The Rain

Best sci-fi series on Netflix is a Danish post-apocalyptic show, The Rain.

7. Colony

A gripping, smart series with suspense, scares, and stellar performances that will captivate you until the final scene.

6. Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is a cyberpunk noir TV series set in a futuristic universe where where consciousness can be transferred to different bodies.

5. Sense8

A visually stunning, LGBTQ-inclusive sci-fi drama with high praise for its themes and action-packed storytelling."

4. Love, Death &     Robots

A captivating blend of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and comedy in an adult animated anthology series

3. Stranger Things

The Best Popular and Mind Blowing Series on netflix all pople to watching the series.  

2. Dark

Dark delves into time, family, human nature, alternate universes, history repetition, life, and death—a multifaceted exploration in a captivating narrative.

1. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a British anthology television stand-alone series that mostly satirizes techno-paranoia.